Friday, February 03, 2012

Living social lost $558mm in 2011 on revenues of $245mm

Living Social may not be under the same level of public financial scrutiny of the now public Groupon, but performance data is out there and it makes for interesting reading. All Things D have posted a summary of the Living Social results and sales for 2011 as drawn from Amazon filings (Amazon owns 31% of Living Social). Here are the main numbers for 2011
  • Revenues: $245mm
  • Net Loss: $558mm
  • Total value of sales (gross bookings): $750-800mm (not including some foreign investments)
  • Current valuations: $4-5 billion based on Amazon's book value of it's 31% stake in Living Social at $208mm
For more and comparisons to Groupon's results check out the full post at All Things D


Anonymous said...

My Understanding is that 400 Million of this loss is the expansion investment put up by amazon. the actual operating costs were 158 million vs revenue of 245 million to put things into perspective. If the company had decided to remain stagnent it would be generating 87 million in net profit. Not sure if figures are exact (may be more like a 250million investment) - either way Seems amazon is confident in what living social are doing to continue investing in the growth of the company

Tim Hughes said...

@anon - thanks for the information

Larry Gittens said...

Thanks for the detail information with stats

Anonymous said...

It was really a great loss but statement of account of generating income is missing. No estimates that we could even reach. Just check organisation like and if its such a loss then how biggies manage to do in this sector