Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BOOT has an iPhone - what should he do with it?

The BOOT is on the hunt. I have a new iPhone in a my pocket and gigabytes of empty space waiting to be filled with apps. Please let me know your recommendations for the best general, social media and especially travel apps.

Once I am a few months into iPhone ownership I will launch a new App Review section at the BOOT to go alongside my seat reviews.

For some background thoughts check out my two part post on Tnooz about the mobile revolution (part 1, part 2).

thanks to Jeffrey Beall for the photo via flickr


Fred Bean said...

Tour Wrist

steve sherlock said...

everytrail is pretty handy for when you want to record the distance and topography of a bush walk or bike ride.

of course xe for currency. and talking tom to keep kids amused in the back of car.

Unknown said...

Well naturally I will recommend the Dish Remote Access App, it is giving me so much pleasure being a traveler by business. I work for Dish Network and they have me traveling all over the place, during some time recently when I wanted to figure out some type of distraction since there is just no time for tourism. I found that distraction in the Sling Adapter, the nifty little device streaming live TV to my phone. Honestly, I am delighted to have a another reason to use the service I am paying for. This tool has been a comfy surrogate couch for my home away from home.

Kim in a kayak said...

Hi Tom!

Regarding travel, Alltrails is a pretty good hiking and biking trail locator. Also the skullcandy app gives you snow reports at resorts, surf reports from beaches, and a skatepark locator. Not to mention some media features and access to groovy tunes. Hope these help... I actually wrote an article about some cool outdoorsy apps on my blog, Kiminakayak.blogspot.com

Loredana said...

I like "Meebo" for Instant Messaging purposes. KIK is a social tool that seems to be pretty popular-I just think it's ok.

Rudafe said...

phones can never run out of apps you just have to make your choices .

Aftermath said...


Dan Fox said...

Congrats on the phone.

Here's a several apps I find most useful.

- skobbler US (free turn-by-turn GPS)
- Rocket Taxi (taxi service anywhere)
- Yelp (info. for local places)
- Where (info. for local places)
- Yello Pages YP
- Skype (calling long distance for free, including video calling over 3G)

Social Media
- facebook and twitter (of course)
- foursquare
- linkedin
- blogpress (to post here on blogger)

Other apps that rock
- Cisco webex
- Red Box
- Netflix
- Kindle Reader
- Dropbox (online storage)
- VLingo (voice to text)
- Documents to Go
- Find my iPhone


Anonymous said...

i like your blog

I_am_Tulsa said...

instagram for sharing pictures! and beware of all those games. i play too many and now have a stiff neck! lol

Bart van Poll said...

Spotted by Locals just launched its apps in 33 cities. 100% offline, and with tips by handpicked locals.

Would make us really happy if you wanted to check it out! We have promo-codes available of course.