Thursday, July 15, 2010

TripAdvisor - what did they buy and when

Here at BOOT central we are trying to keep track of the acquisitions and subsidiaries of Expedia’s Tripadvisor. In earlier posts on this we tracked simply by way of a list of acquisitions in reverse date order. With what looks like two deals a year to monitor I have decided to expand the list with some more details. Here is an extensive list of all of the acquisitions made by Tripadvisor since joining the Expedia family.

Company Sector Date of Acquisition Description
HolidayLettings Holiday rentals 24-Jun-10 UK based holiday rental company (is not HolidayRentals owned by HomeAway)
Kuxun Meta-search 30-Oct-09 China based meta-search. Kuxun means Cool Information or Smart Information
Flipkey Holiday rentals July 15 2009 Boston based holiday rental company Deal Search 1-Jul-08 At time of acquisition claimed 5 mm uniques and 30mm page views. One estimate puts deal at $85mm. Onetime do not like being called a metasearch company
Virtual Tourist Social network (same deal / company) Deal Search 2-Apr-08 Site that monitors airline deals especially in low cost carrier sector
HolidayWatchdog Review Site 1-Feb-08 Hotel and holiday reviews with some deal searching – UK based. Travolution rumour that price GBP9-10mm Review Site 25-May-07 Cruse ship reviews and deal search Destination Content (same deal / company) Destinations content and information. Includes brand Family Vacation Critic Destination Content 9-May-07 Destinations content and information Destination Content (one deal buying Smarter Travel Media) Also includes brand Frequent Meta-search Booking search Blog Platform
Social Network
Platform for travel reviews and blogs as well as networking Review Site Reviews individual seats on aircraft to help with picking seat assignments Trip planning 3-Feb-11 Trip planning service focused on mobile platforms

Have I missed any? Official Expedia Inc listing is here. Yes – Expedia owns Tripadvisor (you wont believe how much traffic I get for the question “who owns Tripadvisor”).


Holiday Rentals said...

Nice post - I really had no idea how many companies they had bought and shows how big they've got. Thanks for the useful info.

tripadvisor uk said...

tripadvisor has bought 15 companies.right? how powerful it is!