Thursday, August 13, 2009

Adding Dennis Schaal to my Blog Roll

Travel industry journalist Dennis Schaal launched a blog (called the Dennis Schaal Blog - online riffs and notes) back in March this year. Since then he as been prolific (149 posts) and very insightful. With Kevin May leaving Travolution (and yet to announce where he has landed) Dennis has rocketed to the top of my best industry blogger list. He has been part of my feedreader for a while and is now added to my Blog Roll. I suggest you add him to the sites you review also.

While you will not hear/read me talking/writing about global OTA Orbitz or online hotel only specialist HotelClub, there are a couple of recent posts by Dennis on those companies that will give you a good introduction to his writing style and insight.

Where in the World is the Orbitz Hotel Business Model?

Does Orbitz Mean Merchant Model To


Dennis Schaal said...

Tim: Wow. This was unbelievably gracious of you. I almost feel like the pressure is on right now in trying to live up to your words:) And, all I can say is right back at you ... because I have tremendous respect for what you have been doing in the blogosphere, as well.

On another point, I have to tell you that it has been easy being prolific in writing about the world of online travel. It seems like there is some new twist or development every five minutes. So much to write about, so little time.

With RatesToGo, HotelClub and leadership changes early this year, Orbitz Worldwide has generated plenty of headlines.

On the Kevin May front, he's a buddy of mine and I have written for his pub from its beginnings. It would be a shame to lose his voice in the travel industry, and it is my guess that he will be chirping in some way, shape or form again.

Thanks again!

Jeff said...

Wow, I didn't realize Dennis had only been blogging for a few months! Seems like he's been doing it for years.

Of course, the career in professional journalism probably has something to do with that :)

(Although I have come across journalists who make terrible bloggers, but I digress...)

Congrats to Dennis for this recognition. And kudos to Tim for taking the time to recognize worthy contributors to the space.

Tim Hughes said...

@Dennis - You're welcome. I am looking forward to having Kevin back on the airways as well.

@Jeff - thanks

PatriciaJ said...

I agree, Dennis's insightful writing on the travel industry is essential reading for travel industry insiders.