Monday, July 06, 2009

BOOT joins 21st Century with groundbreaking URL strategy

Dear Readers,

Finally the BOOT has gotten off the lazy boy relaxation approach to marketing with a ground breaking URL marketing strategy. After battling with GoDaddy for about an hour I managed to secure I even manage to figure out how to do a redirect to the blogger address. One day I may even generate the courage to migrate the blog to Wordpress/SquareSpace, host the thing on some dedicated servers and get really serious.

Will be back soon with some posts as well including an Interview with Ram Badrinathan of PhoCusWright, seat reviews for JAL and Cathay business class, a business traveller tip on how to eat on a plane and industry thoughts on branding, meta-search and more




Carl Jackson said...

Hi Tim,
If you do think of doing more work on URL's you might consider a revision that gives you a custom URL string that looks like or
yourURL/%labelname/%postname(instead of for SEO purposes.

Pretty easy to do in WP not sure about Blogger or SqSpace.

You just need to make sure you never have two posts with the same headline. Or you will break the Intertoobs and the world will end.

In any case, as I imagine Google indexes your blog pretty well, it will just be a improvement in the margin - but that is the case with most SEO.

Tim Hughes said...

@Carl - thanks for the tip. I know that I have to get off blogger and onto a more flexible platform. Not only for SEO purposes but so I can add pieces like "top posts of the week", "commentary feeds", sharing on digg/delicious etc. Problem is I am a techno-wannabe who is scare of screwing up a migration and losing three years of page rank.