Wednesday, November 07, 2007

WHOOT: Webjet bidders statement - 10 ways of saying we are offering more money

WHOOT series update - WHoever Owns Outright

The Wotif Bidders statement is out for (TVL). This is the official statement passed on to all shareholders of TVL from Wotif indicating why shareholders should accept the Wotif offer. There are ten reasons listed but as predicted the main one is words to the affect of "we are offering a lot of money, you'd be crazy not to accept". It came out a few days after the TVL board had categorically rejected, unrecommended, threw out and junked the Webjet offer with a target 's statement headed "Do Not Accept The Webjet Offer" (in big capitalised red lettering).

What AOT will do in response to the Wotif Bidders Statement is still the great unknown in this deal.

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