Friday, July 27, 2007

If you love a list of hotel sites, you'll like (and hate) TOP 100 HOTEL SITES

Found this site while surfing around. Claims to be a list of the "Top 100 Hotel Sites". List is generated using
The URL of every Hotel site was found in multiple internet searches and the amount of mentions of site's addresses is used to generate the rating. Hotel directory and travel guide. Includes information on tours attractions, restaurants, hotels reservations, travel jobs and more.
Whatever. There are some really bizarre rankings here. TripAdvisor is number one, Orbitz three, four, five and Expedia six - all of which sounds find. However stuck at number two is, which undermines the whole list. Missing from the list are Wotif, HotelClub, RatesToGo, Rakuten and probably many more. Can't say either way if this is run by legitimate enthusiasts or just a link farm...and don't care. If you ignore the rankings and order, it provides a decent list a lot of the main (but also the minor) online hotel players.

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Brian said...

You're right, I hate it. But I love how you can "Add your Site to TOP100 for FREE".

Perhaps an SEO expert can advise just how badly this would affect a hotel sites rankings.