Saturday, May 19, 2007

Video: Airbus A380 evacuation - 873 people in 77 seconds

Title of the video says it all. A trial evacuation of one of the new (maybe one day it will actually be ready) Airbus A380 airlines. I think Airbus is in real trouble with this airline with the delays in production and the bet that the future of the airlines industry is with size rather than speed, distance and efficiency. However having seen the airline up close during the Sydney visit, it is am impressive and amazing looking machine.

Not the video in German but I am sure you all know what the word "schnell" means.


Anonymous said...

yes lucky for them they had

1. No luggage
2. No Kids
3. No old people
4. No people on fire
5. No sinking plane in water
7. No hysterical people
and most importantly, Everybody understood what to do.

So yeah when i crash i want all those people on my plane on a hard tarmac.

Bless the Germans

Anonymous said...

and how nice and friendly instructions - was this a Lufthansa flight?