Saturday, September 22, 2007

The BOOT at Wired In Travel - Singapore November 29 & 30

I am presenting at Wired In Travel on November 29 & 30 in Singapore. There are two sessions I am in.

On day 1
- The Wired Debate II: The Future of Distribution – What Will Customers Want?
The different online business models in a row – love them or hate them – these are the games consumers now play. What will customers gravitate towards – the multi-choice platform, the specialists, the generalists or the search masters? Each speaker will have 10 minutes each to champion their business model. Which will rule in the future – you decide.


On day 2 - An Angel Ate At My Table: An Investment Session
Looking for funds to start up a bright idea? Or additional funds to rev up your business? Find out how to make your business proposition attractive to the right angel investor in this session.

Look forward to seeing you there

UPDATE - unfortunately had to pull out of the conference. Wish I didnt as will be a fantastic conference

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