Monday, November 08, 2010

BOOT offered free flight. Should I take it?

Dear Readers. Your BOOT correspondent has been invited to an Asian capital to attend a marketing launch/PR event for an airline. The invite comes with an airline ticket and a hotel room. While on the trip I can also do a bit of business - easily justifying the time out of the office. So - should I take it? Should the BOOT be taking free trips from Airlines? There was a big discussion on this point over at Tnooz in May when BA was offering trips to Bloggers.


Adam V said...

If there are expectations to write a review and the review is not positive then you won't be invited again (however you have scored 1 free trip)

If you write a positive review based on a positive experience then you put yourself in good stead for another trip down the line. (until such point that your experience is a negative one)

Above all you write honest reviews, they can expect nothing less. Your readers expect nothing less.

Go for it!

smplcv said...

Yes, the BOOT should take a free trip and i should be in the trip.

Hotel Receptionist CV

Grayum_ian said...

And to think, I flipped out over a free sew-on badge from tourism Queensland! Of course you should take it, no one would hold it against you, unless they're jealous. (Which I am).

steve sherlock said...

its a tough one.

i guess as long as you disclose it in any context related to the airline. then that probably would be above board.

if you made the airline aware that you would disclose, and they agreed, then honky dory.

what ever you do, don't ask Alan Jones or John Laws for advice.

Ken said...

Hi Tim -

If it is F class, then yes, you should take it.

If it is C class, then you should seriously consider it.

It it is Y class, then you should pass.

Tim Hughes said...

thanks all - looks like the "ayes" have it....subject of course to @ken's comments

Beer Club said...

Definitely take them up on the offer, but by no means feel as if you have to write a positive review. If it was a Qantas A380 flight I would be somewhat more reluctant however.

Chris Noble said...

No, you should not take the flight and sacrifice your journalist, my wife has left the room.


Madame BOOT said...

you can't take the flight because that's the night of my Book Club Xmas dinner and you need to mind the BOOTies.
Madame BOOT