Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Expedia and Sabre finally join forces

It has been a long time coming. In 2004 Sabre and Expedia signed a deal for Expedia to send some bookings Sabre's way instead of just giving its GDS love to Worldspan. We have waited patiently for signs that the deal might actually go somewhere and today it finally did. Expedia announced "the activation of its long term partnership with Sabre". I was hoping that there would be a messy litigation to entertain us all and heighten the fighting between the Dallas and Seattle rivals. Instead it seems that two and a bit years of waiting are over.

I also love this piece of PR from Sabre that is simply headed "Sabre Signs Deal with Airline" . The article is actually about a content deal with Alaskan but I love the generic nature of the headline. Not sure if it is deliberate but highlights how bored we all are of the constant round of press releases from GDS about signing deals with airlines. Airline content is what they do it should not be announced as something special. It is like Coca-Cola putting a press release like "Coke signs deal to buy a lot of sugar", Qantas announcing "Hey - we flew some people to London" or George Bush pronouncing "I blew something up and chopped something down". Guys - send out a note when something interesting happens like the CEO saying "my products are ok, or at least as good as the other guy"

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